The obesity epidemic in dogs is getting worse and shows no signs of stopping. Even with premium diets, raw food, home cooked diets, diet foods, we see 54% of dogs are overweight or obese.

Take a look at this truly amazing story. The awesome woman that took in this abused dog (yes, I consider the level of obesity that this dog reached to be abuse by the previous owner) was able to get his quality of life back by feeding a prescription diet dog food.

They didn’t need some crazy, drastic diet. All they needed was time, portion control and gradual increase in activity level over time.

The dedication is heart warming and look at the impact this had on this dachshund’s life!

Why does thie happen?

Some dogs become overweight due to the types of food they eat or ┬ácertain medical conditions but nine times out of ten, it’s due to eating too much food. That is ALL up to you!


The Big Question

So take an honest look at your fur baby and ask yourself: “am I killing my dog with kindness?” Do I give too much food out of love and am actually harming my precious pet?

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