Happy beagles

There’s a lot of talk these days about living in the moment. With all the digital and real life distractions we face, it has become rare to just enjoy and fully become aware of what we are doing without thinking about anything else.

When we go for a walk, go to the gym or go to our kid’s ballgame we are often looking at the screen on our phone, plugging in our headphones or watching the TV on the treadmill instead of focusing on what is in front of us.

Learn From Your Fur Baby

I want you to join me and learn a little something from dogs and how they stay in the moment. They just want to enjoy the thing they are doing at that point in time. Look how excited they get to go for a walk!

They go out and enjoy the smells and the sights on the walk. They are exploring their environment with all of their senses. They are pulling you forward as if to say, “come on, let’s have fun!”

When was the last time you watched a whole movie without looking at your phone or the last time you went for a walk without headphones in your ears and you just enjoyed the things around you.

Woman Walking dogs

Do This Today

Take 20 minutes today and take your dog for a walk, in a park or the woods if possible. Leave the headphones and phone in the car. Look around, listen as you walk, stop, close your eyes and listen to nature, or to the kids playing down the street and allow your mind to relax in the moment. Watch how your fur baby explores and enjoys the walk (well don’t pee on a tree like he does).

We all need to reconnect with our surroundings and our physical environments. It is missing in many of our lives. Let your dog be your guide. They are REALLY good at it!

How are YOU going to practice staying present and in the moment? 

Do you think these dogs are enjoying the moment?

These dogs don't even need another person to help them have fun and enjoy what they are doing.