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It Can’t Be Broken…

“It can’t be broken. He only jumped off the couch!” said Mrs. Reynolds, a sad dog mom who had just brought her 4 month Pomeranian puppy into the ER.

X rays confirmed my suspicions. Dexter, the adorable 4 month old Pomeranian, had a fracture through the distal radius and ulna (area right above the “wrist”). Luckily, this fracture wasn’t severely displaced and had a good chance of healing with minimal complications.Dexter was sedated and a splint was placed on his leg until the owner could discuss this injury with the orthopedic surgeon.

Puppies Are Prone To Fractures

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This sad scenario occurs often. You see, many small breed dogs have a bit of an achilles heel. There is a weak spot in their front legs right at the end of their forearm. It takes minimal strain in this area to cause a fracture. Simple activities such as jumping off a couch, bed or being dropped often leads to painful and sometimes permanently disabling injuries to these precious puppies.

Surgery is the best recommendation for treatment of these fractures. This area of the body has poor blood supply compared to other areas and splinting can be inadequate to hold everything in place for healing to occur. If the fracture is displaced and there is overlapping or misalignment of the bones, surgery is extremely important. Without it, some dogs never heal properly and end up having to have their legs amputated.

A Broken Leg Waiting To Happen

As adorable as this looks, one false move and this adorable frenchie breaks a leg!

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-n4XX5nnXhU[/embedyt]

Good News: Puppies Heal Fast!

The good thing about puppies is that when proper care is taken, fractures can heal very quickly.

If you get a small breed puppy, be sure to restrict its jumping off of furniture or beds and if you or your children are carrying them, be extra careful not to drop them. It is very sad to see young dogs come into the Veterinary ER with these types of injuries.

Take good care of the puppies!