This Rescue Dog Is A True Rescue Hero: Helps Lost Toddler Get Home


April 29, 2016

3 year old Mason Ryan is a lucky little toddler today and Banjo, the family dog they saved 2 years ago is a hero.

A parent’s worst nightmare is having a child missing. After a grueling 9 hour search involving 100 searchers, Banjo alerted rescuers to Mason’s location in so they could find him and reunite him with his family.

Banjo was rescued by the Ryan’s two years ago. There is no way they would know that one day, this little adorable dog would be their son’s guardian angel.

Mason and Banjo ended up a mile from their home and it appears that Banjo never left the little boy’s side.

Rescuers were finally alerted to their location at 3 am when Banjo began barking to get the attention of those searching through the night. The great news is that other than a few scratches on Mason’s arms, everything appears to have turned out as well as anyone could hope for.

The Instincts Of The Pack

It is truly amazing to see dogs do this type of thing on a regular basis. We see dogs pull people out of fires or nudge them awake when there is danger or try to protect their families when there is danger.

When dogs are trained for search and rescue, we expect these kinds of miracles, but with no formal training, many dogs become heroes just through pure instinct and loyalty to their “pack” (family).

I’m so glad the Mason’s rescued Banjo two years ago and I’m sure they will be grateful everyday for as long as Banjo lives



About the author 

Dr. Chris

Dr. Christopher Smith is a small animal veterinarian that has been involved in the profession since he was 15 years old. Over the past 35 years, Dr. Smith has seen almost everything, although he's the first to admit there is always more to learn. He started to share his passion for the human animal bond, the wonder of dogs and to help make life with your fur kids happier and healthier!

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