Risking Their Own Lives, Rescuers Save Hundreds Of Dogs From Death At HORRIFIC Yulin Dog Meat Festival


May 24, 2016

Humane Society International

This story is enough to make me sick so I need to warn you about it in advance. Due to the graphic nature of the images and the barbaric way dogs (and cats) are treated in China, I have only provided a few pictures here.

Brave Activists Save Hundreds of Dogs

Brave animal rights activists from Humane Society International endured a 3 day stand-off to rescue hundreds of dogs that were en route to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China. They helped the dogs endure by feeding them and giving them water through the bars on the cages.


Most of the dogs rescued and those that end up being slaughtered for meat are stolen pets and strays and the conditions they endure are unimaginable in our Western Society.

“Our activists found them crammed together in the filthy truck, some barely clinging to life, and sadly 20 dogs were found already dead inside.

“A large number were still wearing their pet collars which is a fairly common sight because so many dogs and cats are stolen pets snatched from the streets for the meat trade.

As the Yulin dog meat festival gets nearer, we could expect to see a surge in dog stealing.

“All the dogs saved from this truck were clearly traumatised by what they’d been through, but the activists did an amazing job to save them, and the surviving animals will now receive veterinary care and eventually be placed for adoption.” Source

The tragedy is that over 10,000 dogs are likely to be slaughtered for meat at this barbaric festival which starts on June 21st.


China’s Dog Hell

Humane Society International estimates that between 10 and 20 million dogs are killed annually for meat consumption in China but finally, momentum is growing to stop this horrible business.


Please Help The Helpless

Please check out and SIGN the Humane Society’s petition urging President Xi Jinping of China to put an end ot this despicable practice and festival.

Urge your friends to sign the petition as well by sharing this story of cruelty with them. You can find that link here: Humane Society Petition.

Thank you for helping and leaving your comments below.

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